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Feastrex aims to reproduce music as beautifully as possible. We strive for the quintessential level of fidelity that communicates the full emotional impact of the music to the listener’s heart. Our business is all about facilitating a more nearly perfect communication between the listener and the composer/performer. The composer's intentions for the musical experience, the interpretative sensibilities of the performers, and even the atmosphere of the recording venue must be conveyed to the listener with the most perfect fidelity possible.


In that sense we are translators, and calling our units “transducers” is apropos. They are the media through which we translate the received electronic signal back into the purest, most faithfully reproduced music possible. We can do things that are practically impossible for mass market manufacturers. For example, a tremendous amount of labor goes into the manufacture of our cones, and the uniquely formulated Japanese paper is handmade exclusively for Feastrex by an artisan who has been designated by the Japanese government as a “living national treasure,” and who represents the ninth consecutive generation of his family to carry on this traditional art. Thus our cones cannot be successfully copied, much less mass-produced. In addition to drawing on the very best that traditional Japanese industries have to offer audiophiles, the unique new technologies (patent pending) in our highly efficient magnetic circuits raise the state of the art to unprecedented heights. Although we endeavor to rationalize production as much as is practical, each driver is nevertheless built entirely by hand because this is essential to ensure that each unit embodies the love, passion, sincerity, and dedication that we bring to our art.


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