President’s message

The brand name Feastrex is a double play on words. Besides incorporating the concepts of “feast” and “rex,” since everyone working in audio today stands on the shoulders of giants, we wanted the name of our brand here in the Far East to pay a nod to the legacy of the great audio achievements of yesteryear, of which Western Electric’s Westrex brand is a classic example. We see ourselves as working in the same spirit as the early pioneers of high-fidelity audio to provide musical feasts for our customers. Our products seek to overcome the constraints of space and time in interpersonal aesthetic communication. Masterful interpretations of great musical compositions, performed in superb acoustical environments and faithfully recorded, deserve to be played back with utmost fidelity in our listening rooms. As lovers of beautiful sound and music we owe it to ourselves, as well as to the creators of our music, to seek maximum beauty and fidelity in sound reproduction, using equipment that will not inhibit or diminish in any way the music’s effects upon our hearts. The composers and performing artists have a message to communicate, and we at Feastrex see our mission as delivering that message in its original full and unadulterated glory.

The name “Dimension Series” for our original line of loudspeakers reflects our desire to achieve, through our music reproduction, virtual travel through time and space, in order to “be there, then” even while “being here, now.” Music has the power to reach into the deep reaches of our hearts and instantly, effortlessly draw out things that surprise us. It can remind us of things that we had forgotten about ourselves, or evoke images and scenes that fill us with a sense of wonder. And it can point to worlds that do not yet exist, except perhaps in our dreams. Listening to music has a passive aspect (the music works on us) but it revitalizes us and prepares and stimulates us for productive, creative activity. But much of the power of music is in its subtler aspects, and it takes a special breed of loudspeaker to truly set music’s full power free. That is the kind of loudspeaker we seek to create. “The proof is in the hearing!” We hope you will avail yourself of an opportunity to listen to our loudspeakers, and hear for yourself what makes them different from the others. We are confident that many listeners will find our loudspeakers strike a chord in their hearts as no other loudspeakers have. We eagerly look forward to being granted an opportunity to serve your needs.


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